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There are many opportunities to participate in our behavioral and brain imaging studies.

Behavioral studies typically involve using a computer to perform cognitive tasks. For example, participants may be presented images to learn, they may be asked to make a decision about stimuli, or they may be asked to navigate through a virtual environment. Brain imaging studies typically combine behavioral tasks with MRI scanning and/or electroencephalography. For MRI studies, participants lie on a bed within the magnet while structural and functional brain images are collected.


Younger Adults – Studies of Learning, Memory, & Attention

memorylab [at] (subject: Young%20adult%20study%20participant, body: I%20am%20interesting%20in%20participating%20in%20a%20Stanford%20Memory%20Lab%20young%20adult%20study%20of%20learning%2C%20memory%2C%20%26%20attention.) (Contact us to participate)



Older Adults – Attention, Aging, and Memory Study at Stanford

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memorylab [at] (subject: Stanford%20Aging%20%26%20Memory%20study%20participant, body: I%20am%20interested%20in%20participating%20in%20a%20Stanford%20Memory%20Lab%20study%20of%20memory%20and%20aging.) (Contact us to participate)

Behavioral studies take place in the Stanford Memory Lab, which is on the 4th Floor of Building 420 on the Stanford University campus.   Brain imaging studies take place at the Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging (CNI), located in the basement of Building 420.

Building 420