The Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM!) brings together investigators studying memory and cognitive control in the greater San Francisco region. Attendees come from the peninsula (Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, SJSU), city (UCSF & USF), east bay (UC Berkeley & Martinez VA), and valley (UC Davis), and often even from Southern California (UC Santa Barbara & UCLA). The objectives of BAMM! are to build bridges between labs by

  • fostering communication and an exchange of ideas amongst various memory researchers in the bay area and beyond, and
  • providing an informal, engaging forum in which trainees (students and postdocs) can present their work.

The host institution/lab for BAMM! rotates annually, with the BAMM! schedule typically including approximately 35 presentations from 15+ labs (see example past programs below).  All sessions are intended to provide a supportive training environment in which students and postdocs can present their science. The content of the presentations is flexible, and can cover any studies relevant to understanding the psychological and neural substrates of memory and cognitive control.

BAMM!s Past