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Talks & Videos

Multicosts of Multitasking –– Cerebrum Podcast, Dana Foundation, 4/30/19
The Minds and Brains of Media Multitaskers –– Distinctive Voices, National Academy of Sciences, 3/27/19
The Do List: David Byrne's Theatrical Thought Experiment in Silicon Valley –– KQED, 10/25/16
The Science of Remembering –– Media X, Stanford University, 7/11/16
Media Multi-Tasking: Are there Effects on Attention, Memory and the Brain? –– Classes Without Quizzes @ Reunion Weekend, Stanford University, 10/23/15
Memories, Lies, and the Brain –– University Place, PBS, 5/8/15
Detecting Memories Using Brain Imaging ––, 3/14/15
Are There Memory Markers Inside the Brain for Familiar Places? –– Brains On Trial (PBS), 9/24/13
How Neuroscience could improve Eye-Witness Testimony –– Brains On Trial (PBS), 9/24/13
Episode 1: Determining Guilt –– Brains On Trial (PBS), 9/11/13
How Memory Association Affects fMRI Lie Detection –– Brains On Trial (PBS), 9/9/13
Brains On Trial: Neuroscience and Law –– World Science Festival, 6/1/13
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Remembering –– Music and the Brain Symposium, Stanford University, 3/4/11
Assessing fMRI-based Memory Detection –– Sackler USA-UK Scientific Forum on Neuroscience and the Law, 3/2/11
Remembering and the Brain: Can Brain Scans Detect Memories –– Classes Without Quizzes @ Reunion Weekend, Stanford University, 10/23/09