Archives of the TMS Journal Club:
7/22/10 - Verbruggen, F., Aron, A., Stevens, M., & Chambers, C. (2010). Theta burst stimulation dissociates attention and action updating in human inferior frontal cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. PDF | PMID: 20631303
Presented by Ben Levy
5/21/07 - Sack , A.T., Kohler, A., Bestmann, S., Linden, D.E., Dechent, P., Goebel, R., & Baudewig, J. (2007). Imaging the brain activity changes underlying impaired visuospatial judgments: Simultaneous fMRI, TMS, and behavioral studies. Cerebral Cortex. PDF | PMID: 17337745
Presented by Ben Hutchinson.

5/24/06- Taylor, P., Nobre, A., & Rushworth, M. (2006). FEF TMS affects visual cortical activity. Cerebral Cortex, PDF | PMID: 16525126
Supplemental: Silvanto, J., Lavie, N., & Walsh, V. (2006). Stimulation of the human frontal eye fields modulates sensitivity of extrastriate visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, PDF | PMID: 16624999
Presented by Zack Chadick

4/5/06- Kahn, I., Pascual-Leone, A., Theoret, H., Fregni, F., Clark, D., & Wagner, A. D. (2005). Transient disruption of ventrolateral prefrontal cortex during verbal encoding affects subsequent memory performance. Journal of Neurophysiology, 94, 688-698. PDF | Cover | PMID: 15758048
Presented by Liz Race and Brice Kuhl
2/13/06- Rossi, S., Miniussi, C., Pasqualetti, P., Babiloni, C., Rossini, P. M., & Cappa, S. F. (2004). Age-related functional changes of prefrontal cortex in long-term memory: A repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation study. Journal of Neuroscience, 24: 7939-44. PDF | PMID: 15356207
Presented by Dr. Adam Gazzaley