Selected Press

8/20/98: "Scientists Find Brain's Remembering Mechanism", CNN
8/21/98: "Remember This", Los Angeles Times
8/21/98: "Scientists Use Magnetic Scans to Tap into Brain's Memory Banks", San Francisco Chronicle
9/24/98: "Brain Scans Show How Memories are Formed", Harvard Gazette
10/1/98: "Watching the Mind at Work", Los Angeles Times
4/6/01: "Here and Now" (NPR) review of Memento | MP3 of the Show
2/16/02: "How Memories are Formed", BBC World Service
2/27/02: "Using Brain Imaging, Researcher 'Sees' New Memories Form", Tech Talk
2/12/03: "Building Memories Uses Two Parts of the Brain", Tech Talk
2/12/03: "Study Probes Memory's Mechanics", The Crimson
9/6/05: "The 'Been There, Done That' Memory Response", Science Daily
6/4/07: "Forgetfulness is a tool of the brain", New Scientist
6/5/07: "Forgetting may be part of the process of remembering", New York Times | PDF
6/6/07: "Forgetting helps you remember the important stuff, researchers say", Stanford Report
10/10/07: "Neuroscience and law project could help courts determine truth", Stanford Medical Center Report
10/23/08: "Columbia/Stanford study shows people make generalizations by linking memories", Columbia News
10/25/08: "General Knowledge-Dopamine Linked to Hippocampal Memories", Alzheimer Research Forum
11/11/08: "You Must Remember This: Forgetting Has Its Benefits", Wall Street Journal
5/1/09: "Detecting Individual Memories", Newsletter of The Law and Neuroscience Project
8/24/09: "Media multitaskers pay mental price", Stanford Report
8/24/09: "Multitasking Muddles Brains, Even When the Computer Is Off", Wired
8/25/09: "Multitasking Muddles the Mind?", Science
10/21/09: "The Court Will Now Call Its Expert Witness: The Brain", Stanford Lawyer
12/15/09: "Portrait of a Multitasking Mind", Scientific American
05/10/10: "Controversy Over Brain Scan Use in Courtrooms", CBS News
08/26/12: "Debate on brain scans as lie detectors highlighted in Maryland murder trial", Washington Post
04/16/13: "Memory, the Adolescent Brain, and Lying", CNS 2013 Press Release
Summer 2012: "Brain drain: Tackling multiple tasks at once may be counterproductive", Baylor Innovations
09/11/13: "Memory in Court", Brains on Trial, PBS
09/11/13: "Episode 1: Determining Guilt | Brains on Trial", PBS
10/03/13: "Alan Alda, scholars discuss brain science, criminal justice", SLS News
06/03/15: "Stanford scientists show fMRI memory detectors can be easily fooled", Stanford Report

In Related News
11/10/01: "Brain May Forge Some Memories in Waves", Science News
2/5/03: "Breakthrough may shed light on Alzheimer's", Daily Californian
7/12/07: "Bad memories can be pushed aside, scientists say", San Francisco Chronicle
7/12/07: "Forcing Yourself to Forget", ABC News
11/14/07: "Politics and the Brain", Letters to the Editor, New York Times
3/25/09: "Request to Admit No Lie MRI Report Withdrawn", Stanford Center for Law and Biosciences Blog
09/27/13: "Brains On Trial: Neuroscience Has Limited Use In The Courtroom, Scientists Say", International Business Times
07/23/15: "Catching the Brain in a Lie: Is 'Mind Reading' Deception Detection Sci-Fi—or Science?", California Magazine
10/25/16: "David Byrne's Theatrical Thought Experiment in Silicon Valley ", KQED