Monday, August 27th, 2012

University of California, Davis

We are pleased to announce that the eighth annual Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM) will be held on Monday, August 27th at University of California, Davis. BAMM brings together investigators studying memory and cognitive control from the peninsula (Stanford & UC Santa Cruz), city (UCSF), east bay (UC Berkeley and Martinez VA), valley (UC Davis), and beyond (e.g. UC Irvine; UC Santa Barbara). The objectives of BAMM are to:

     (1) foster communication and an exchange of ideas between scientists in the bay area who
              study memory and cognitive control, and
     (2) provide a forum in which students and postdocs can present their research and build
              relationships with faculty and peers beyond their local institution.

Hosting of BAMM! will rotate annually, providing an additional opportunity for researchers to visit the various labs in the area.

Organizing Committee

Adam Gazzaley, Charan Ranganath, Art Shimamura, Anthony Wagner, Andy Yonelinas

Schedule: BAMM 2012 is expected to include approximately 35 presentations from 15+ bay area labs (for a listing of previous meetings see  All sessions are intended to provide an engaging environment in which students and postdocs can present their work.  The content of the presentations is flexible, and can cover any studies relevant to the functional and neural organization of memory and cognitive control.

Registration: A registration and abstract submission form is provided below. Please complete the form and email it to Alyssa Borders(aaborders at ucdavis dot edu).  In addition, please print out a hard copy of the completed form and mail it along with a check for the $30 registration fee payable to Andrew Yonelinas at the following address (please be prompt, as we need to use these funds in advance to reserve a room and lunch):

Andrew Yonelinas

Department of Psychology

University of California, Davis

Davis, CA 95616

9th Annual Bay Area Memory Meeting
Registration and Abstract Form

1. Registration Information
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            Mailing Address:
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2.  Food Preference
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3. Do you wish to submit an abstract?:   yes / no
            If yes, format preference:   talk (15 minutes)   or   poster
            Please type abstract below (250 words max):

To facilitate planning, we ask that all registrations and abstracts arrive by July 15th .  For further information, feel free to contact anyone on the organizing committee.