Saturday, August 25, 2007

University of California, Berkeley

We are pleased to announce that the fourth annual Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM!) will be held on Saturday, August 25th at the University of California, Berkeley. BAMM! brings together investigators studying memory and cognitive control from the peninsula (Stanford & UC Santa Cruz), city (UCSF), east bay (UC Berkeley and Martinez VA), and valley (UC Davis). This year's BAMM! may also include labs from Southern California. The objectives of BAMM! are to:
     (1) foster communication and an exchange of ideas between scientists in the bay area who study memory and cognitive control, and
     (2) provide a forum in which students and postdocs can present their research and build relationships with faculty and peers beyond their local institution.

Hosting of BAMM! will rotate annually, providing an additional opportunity for researchers to visit the various labs in the area.

Organizing Committee

Charan Ranganath, Art Shimamura, Anthony Wagner, Andy Yonelinas

Schedule: The final schedule has yet to be announced. BAMM! 2007 is expected to include approximately 35 presentations from 15+ bay area labs. Talk and poster sessions will run approximately from 9:00AM through 6:00 PM, with lunch provided. The day will end with a post-conference event. We hope you will be able to join us throughout the day.

Registration: A registration and abstract submission form can be obtained by emailing Anthony Wagner (awagner at stanford dot edu) or by copying and pasting the one below. Completed registration forms should be emailed to Anthony Wagner.

It is important that registrations be received in a timely manner so that we can appropriately plan for lunch.

Registration Fee: A $25 registration fee is requested from all attendees to cover lunch, coffee breaks, and facilities rental. If you have registered but have yet to submit your reg fee, please send a check payable to Art Shimamura to:

Dr. Art Shimamura
Department of Psychology (MC#1650)
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1650

Although the abstract deadline has passed, registration is still ongoing. If you would like to register, please follow the procedure described above. It is important that registrations be received in a timely manner so that we can appropriately plan for lunch.

Registrants who would like a free campus parking permit should email Art Shimamura (aps at berkeley dot edu) by August 20 (otherwise you will have to pay for metered parking in the structure).

For further information, feel free to contact anyone on the organizing committee.