Saturday, August 27, 2005

University of California, Davis

We are pleased to announce that the second annual Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM!) will be held this summer at The Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis. BAMM! brings together investigators studying memory and cognitive control from the peninsula (Stanford & UC Santa Cruz), city (UCSF), east bay (UC Berkeley and Martinez VA), and valley (UC Davis). The objectives of BAMM! are to build bridges between labs by: (1) fostering communication and an exchange of ideas amongst various memory researchers in the bay area, and (2) providing an informal, but engaging forum in which trainees (students and postdocs) can present their work. Hosting of BAMM! will rotate annually, providing an additional opportunity for researchers to visit the various labs in the area.

Organizing Committee

Charan Ranganath, Art Shimamura, Anthony Wagner, Andrew Yonelinas

Schedule: BAMM! 2005 is expected to include approximately 35 presentations from 15+ bay area labs. Talk and poster sessions will run from 9:00AM through 6:00PM, with lunch provided. The day will end with a post-conference dinner party in Davis. We hope you will be able to join us throughout the day.

Registration: A registration and abstract submission form can be obtained by emailing Anthony Wagner. In addition, please print out a hard copy of the completed form and mail with a check for the $25 registration fee (payable to CHARAN RANGANATH) to:

Dr. Charan Ranganath
University of California at Davis
Center for Neuroscience
1544 Newton Ct.
Davis, CA 95616

In order to facilitate planning, we ask that all registrations and abstracts arrive by July 15th. All relevant abstracts received by July 15th will be accepted. For further information, feel free to contact anyone on the organizing committee.

It is important that registrations be received in a timely manner so that we can appropriately plan for lunch and dinner.



Presenters:   Other Atendees:
R. Alison Adcock, UCSF   Carol Baym, UC Davis
David Badre, Stanford   Aaron Bornstein, Stanford
Whitney Bayne, UCSF   Justin Breck, UC Davis
Rob Blumenfeld, UC Davis   Craig Brozinsky, UC Davis
Bradley Buchsbaum, NIH/NIMH   Silvia Bunge, UC Davis
Linda Chao, UCSF   Matthew S. Cain, UC Berkeley
Mike Cohen, UC Davis   Kimberly Carter, UC Davis
Roshan Cools, UC Berkeley   Michael Chazan, UC Davis
Jack Day, UC Santa Cruz   Sarah Donohue, UC Davis
Nicole Dudukovic, Stanford   Glenn Fox, UC Santa Cruz
Scott T. Frein, UC Davis   Mattie S. Gabston, UC Davis
Kristin Geraci, UC Santa Cruz   Sasha Gibbs, Stanford
Simona Ghetti, UC Davis   Philippe Goldin, Stanford
Amy Gitcho, UC Berkeley   Andy Haskins, UC Berkeley
Nick Hollon, Stanford   Trey Hedden, Stanford
Patrick Khader, of Marburg   Ben Hutchinson, Stanford
Ellen Klostermann, UC Berkeley   Kenichi Iwasaki, UC Berkeley
Daniel Krawczyk, UC Berkeley   WIlliam Jagust, UC Berkeley
Brice Kuhl, Stanford   Petr Janata, UC Davis
Susan Landau, UC Berkeley   Mark Kishiyama, UC Berkeley
Diane E. Marian, UC Berkeley   Beth Kuczynski, UC Berkeley
Adriane Mayda, UC Davis   Ron Mangun, UC Davis
Rosanna K. Olsen, Stanford   Brian Miller, UC Berkeley
Colleen M. Parks, UC Davis   Elizabeth Nichols, Stanford
Alison Preston, Stanford   Beth A. Ober, UC Davis
Rebecca Ray, Stanford   Emily Olsen, UC Davis
Jesse Rissman, UC Berkeley   Wiveka Ramel, Stanford
Daphna Shohany, Stanford   Charan Ranganath, UC Davis
Carter Wendelken, UC Davis   Allyson Rosen, Stanford
    Art Shimamura, UC Berkeley
    Michael Smith, SFBRI/SAM Inc.
    Michael Souza, UC Davis
  Santani Teng, UC Davis
  Anthony Wagner, Stanford
  Margaret Wilson, UC Santa Cruz
  Samantha Wright, UC Davis
  Jing Xu, Iowa State
  Andy Yonelinas, UC Davis