Saturday, August 21, 2004

University of California, Berkeley

We are pleased to announce that the first annual Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM!) will be held this summer at UC Berkeley. BAMM! brings together investigators studying memory and cognitive control from the peninsula (Stanford & UC Santa Cruz), city (UCSF), east bay (UC Berkeley and Martinez VA), and valley (UC Davis). The objectives of BAMM! are to build bridges between labs by: (1) fostering communication and an exchange of ideas amongst various memory researchers in the bay area, and (2) providing an informal, but engaging forum in which trainees (students and postdocs) can present their work. Hosting of BAMM! will rotate annually, providing an additional opportunity for researchers to visit the various labs in the area.

Organizing Committee

Charan Ranganath, Art Shimamura, Anthony Wagner

Schedule: As detailed in the conference schedule (see below), BAMM! 2004 will include approximately 35 presentations from 15+ bay area labs. Talk and poster sessions will run from 9:00AM through 6:00PM, with lunch provided. The day will end with a post-conference dinner party in the Berekely hills hosted by Art Shimamura. We hope you will be able to join us throughout the day.

Registration: Although the abstract deadline has passed, if you are interested in attending and have yet to register please email the following information to Anthony Wagner no later than Friday, August 13th.

It is important that registrations be received in a timely manner so that we can appropriately plan for lunch and dinner.

Registration Fee: A $25 registration fee is requested from all attendees to cover lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, and facilities rental. If you have registered but have yet to submit your reg fee, please send a check payable to Art Shimamura to:

Dr. Art Shimamura
Department of Psychology (MC#1650)
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1650


Presenters  Other Attendees 
David Badre, Stanford  Alison Adcock, UCSF 
Rob Blumenfeld, UC Davis  Mazen Awad, UC Davis 
Craig Brozinsky, UC Davis  Theresa Becker, UC Davis 
Silvia Bunge, UC Davis  Gordon Bower, Stanford
Audrey Duarte, UCSF Cameron Carter, UC Davis
Christian Fiebach, UC Berkeley  Tracy Cole, Elan Pharm. 
Scott Frein, UC Davis  Yuri Dabaghian, UCSF  
Nadine Gaab, Stanford  Teodora Dimtcheva, UC Davis 
Adam Gazzaley, UC Berkeley  Sarah Donahue, UC Davis 
Brian Gonsalves, Stanford  Nicole Dudukovic, Stanford 
Trey Hedden, Stanford  Jessica Eastwood, Mills College 
Rich Ivry, UC Berkeley  Shawn Ells, UC Berkeley
Itamar Kahn, Stanford  Loren Frank, UCSF 
Ching Kao, Stanford  Meghan Gaare, Stanford
Mark Kishiyama, UC Davis  Mark Gluck, Rutgers
Marisa Knight, UC Santa Cruz  Harry Haladjian, Stanford 
Jary Larsen, UC Davis  Dawn Hardin, UCSF 
Diane Marian, UC Berkeley  Andy Haskins, UC Berkeley 
Mara Mather, UC Santa Cruz  Peter Sokol Hessner, Stanford 
Brian Miller, UC Berkeley  Ellen Klostermann, UC Berkeley 
Angie Morey, UC Berkeley  Dione Kobayashi, Elan Pharm. 
Christine Wu Nordahl, UC Davis  Brice Kuhl, Stanford 
Alison Preston, Stanford  Mike Lombardo, UC Davis 
Susan Ravizza, UC Davis  Pilar Lopez-Garcia, UC Davis 
Jesse Rissman, UC Berkeley  Michelle Machon, UC Berkeley
Joe Sala, Stanford  Richard Maddock, UC Davis 
Norbert Schuff, UCSF  Caroline Motojo, UC Berkeley 
Daphna Shohamy, Stanford  Noa Ofen, Stanford
Stefan Ursu, UC Davis  Liz Race, Stanford 
Bong Walsh, UC Davis  Maria Rajah, UC Berkeley 
Michael Weiner, UCSF  Charan Ranganath, UC Davis 
Carter Wendelken, UC Davis  Al Riley, UC Berkeley 
  Allyson Rosen, Stanford 
  Art Shimamura, UC Berkeley 
  Michael Smith, SFBRI 
  Michael Souza, UC Davis
  Diane Swick, UC Davis
  Sharon Touryan, UC Berkeley
  Vincent van Veen, UC Davis
  Anthony Wagner, Stanford
  Peter Wais, Stanford
  Jon Wallis, UC Berkeley
  Ryan Walter, UC Davis
  Andrew Yonelinas, UC Davis
  Jong Yoon, UC Berkeley